Rainie and mike dating

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Rainie and mike dating

Rainie, who previously said that she does not want to get married, has now changed her mind.Happily in love, she said that she hopes to give birth before she turns 35, but stressed that she will not give up her showbiz career after marriage.BUT maybe what she is trying to do is get us to THINK that she's joking but actually she really IS in a relationship. There are so many girlfans who have decided, if Mike can't be with them, they will give their lives to see that he is with Rainie. He will never be with them or [email protected], you are so funny. Figure \/ text: Daren Jun Jun Once Taiwan's most red idol drama Prince Mike He suddenly in the face book exposes, has married has a child!" she wrote Rainie, who left netizens puzzled over her cryptic message, followed up with another posting at midnight."I have finally found my Prince Charming! The singer's surprise announcement led to an outpour of blessings from her fans, despite not knowing the identity of the mystery man.Rainie has always been one to talk openly about her love life since debuting in showbiz.However, there was one relationship that the singer was unwilling to talk about.

I have been at a loss for words lately because I've been too happy!Cameras caught Joseph and Rainie out with friends watching a movie in Taipei, with the group hanging out on the streets afterwards just chatting late into the night.Apparently Joseph and Rainie looked quite close and appeared to be reluctant to part and call it a night.Mike He feeling in the world for many years this mystery, leaving the shocker, so fans quite surprised.Informed sources told reporters that outsiders wife is his high school girlfriend, is his only recognized girlfriend, dating for 4 years.

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Wrap Party Interview with Mike and Cyndi (English subs): I’ve heard that Mei Le, Go will premiere sometime in the Summer.