Dating old marshall amps

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Today, the audio and sound company specializes in making speakers and headphones as well as amplifiers, and the London squarely emphasizes high-quality sound, rocking out with a number of features that promise to boost your listening experience.

Music is so important the London boasts a dedicated quick access button to launch your music player of choice, called the M Button.

At the time, Marshall says that most felt the Fender Bassman was the amplifier to beat – but it wasn’t perfect.

British company Marshall, founded in 1960, is famous for its amps stacked behind some of the world's greatest rockers -- and as such, the company's first smartphone has a hard-rockin' heritage to live up to.Where other manufacturers pride themselves on how seamless they can make their phones, Marshall deliberately insets the screen slightly so there's a tiny ridge around the display.Whether it protects the screen from drops and scratches as Marhsall claims it does remains to be seen, but it adds to the overall old-school analogue feel of the design.This meant you could drive the preamp valves to produce even thicker, heavier distortion.This led to the development of the JCM800 and then 900 Series.

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This led to the development of the one hundred watt head. For cost reasons Marshall started to use EL34 Power Amp Valves which made the amplifiers even more aggressive.

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